Video Slot Games

There are literally thousands of video slot games online today. It is also safe to say there are hundreds and hundreds of sites that offer information on these slot games in various forms. It would take you several weeks to review them all. To this end, videoslotgames will be your comprehensive guide to the most popular slot machines online today. More importantly, all of the videoslotgames reviewed on this site will be exclusively for US players only. Thus, we will provide the best US casinos featuring these slot games.

One Stop Source for

We have been reviewing video slot games and casinos for many years, and it has been our experience that although many of the slot games are straightforward, new technology has brought about a variety of changes in the way slot machines are designed for online players. Therefore, providing you with full reviews of the video slot machines will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the experience of playing them online. Each and every review will be comprehensive in nature regardless of the type of slot machine we present.

Video Slot Games Variations

Currently, there are a variety of video slot games available to US players online today. There are 3-reel, 5-reel, 7-reel, bonus slots, free spins slots, and multi-line slots. Our sole intent is to ensure that you understand all of the features incorporated in these slot games. Thus, we will offer you details on what each video slot game offers and how you can achieve a winning combination.

Genre Slots

The most popular video slot games online today are genre slots. These are slot games that are theme based, meaning that you will be able to play sports slots, fruit slots, love slots, animal slots, movie slots, and TV game show slots. The popularity of theme-based slots has grown exponentially over the years and we want you to share in the success of these genre slots.

Welcome! First-Time Online Slot Players

If you have never played online video slot games before, you are in for the thrill of a lifetime. First, we want to ensure that you play at the best US casinos online. Second, we want your first time slot play to be exciting and lucrative. This is our goal. Therefore, we invite you to join us as we embark on a journey that will take you to the most wonderful online casinos, where you can play hundreds of video slot games, enter slot tournaments, and play in an environment that is friendly, welcoming, and offers a variety of bonuses and promotions designed exclusively for you. In a nutshell, we want you to have the best overall experience playing video slot games.

3 Crucial Things to Look for in an Online Slots Guide

If you can count on finding one thing online related to slot games, it is a selection of online slots guides. These are traditionally slot guides that are written about specific slots. So, if a new game is released, you can very soon expect to see one or more guides that have been written to give you all the relevant information about it.

While these slot guides are packed with information, there are three crucial things you should expect to read in it. Firstly, the betting amounts you can play with should be mentioned there. How much or how little is required when you want to play a real game? Secondly, you should be able to read about any special symbols included in the game. This should cover any wild symbols in play, any scatter symbols that produce scatter prizes, and any other bonus icons in use.

Finally, the information given should include details of the prizes and special features in the game. Are there bonus levels to attain, and if so, how can you access them? It is always important to have a good idea of how a game works. This information will then assist you in working out whether you would like to play that game. Without it, it is much more of a guessing game. Becoming knowledgeable about any slot that is new to you (regardless of whether the game itself is new or not) is very important. This is what you can get from a slots guide.

Which games are the best slots to play?

That is a tough question because everyone has a different idea of what makes a great video slot. However, we would encourage you to spend time exploring as many slots as you can. One thing you’ll notice is that variety comes into play in every case. Variety is indeed the spice of life, right? If you know that to be true, you know you’re going to find the best slots for your preferences out there online.

We recommend regular video slot releases and classic titles for you to play. This can save you time when you’re just starting out, as you know we are only going to highlight the very best titles you could try.

We can recommend the best online casinos offering video slots today

Lots of online casinos have large collections of online video slots available. However, some of those casinos are way better and more popular than others. If you are nervous of finding a casino to sign up to, relax. We can suggest and recommend the best and most trusted video slots casinos online today.

Don’t miss out on the free slot machines available to try

You might ask why you’d bother with a free slot when you could play a real version for a chance at some proper prizes. That is a reasonable question, but it is always good to see what a slot can offer before you use any real funds to play it.

With hundreds if not thousands of slot games to choose from, anything you can do to narrow the field to the best games is going to work in your favor. Make sure you get the chance to do just that by trying some free video slots today.

New slots often fall into the video slot category too

Did you know this? There are lots of versions of these slots available, with varying numbers of reels, different prizes, features, and icons to look for, and lots more besides. With tons of new games appearing each week, we can help you identify the best new slot games offering that much-loved video experience.

Superb slots for USA players

While it is true that not all casinos offer membership to USA players, there are plenty that do. This means you can appreciate the chance to sign up to the right casino that offers video slots for players in America. And yep, you’ve guessed correctly… we’ve got news of those here too.

What about finding video slots for UK players?

If you live in the United Kingdom, you’ll know there are plenty of casino websites that welcome you as a member. Many of those casinos have a good selection of video slots to try, meaning there is no reason for you to miss out.

Pokies in Australia – yep, there are video pokies too

Pokies is the term for slots that is used in Australia. As such, if you see news of a video pokie, you’ll know it refers to a slot game.

If you sign up to use an Aussie-based casino, you’ll find a diverse mix of pokies there as well. While not all of them will be video pokies, you can count on finding lots of them to try – some of which might be familiar to you already.

A games demo allows you to see how these games work

Are you new to video slots? Have you never tried one before? You might wonder what is in store for you, and the answer may well depend on the game you choose.

However, since most slots do have demo versions to offer, you can soon find the answer to your question. We always recommend a demonstration version before choosing the real thing. It works just the same but provides you with zero risk… along with all the info you need to decide whether to play the real version.

Always check the games RTP before you play

The higher the value, the more monies are returned to players who are trying the game for real. While a high RTP does not guarantee the outcome of a single spin or gaming session, it makes sense to play video slots that do return a higher portion of the proceeds to those who play the game. Look for 96% and above – remember, the higher the better.

Bonuses and promotions bring bigger opportunities for casino players to enjoy

Playing video slots is great on any reliable casino site. However, if your chosen site has some bonuses and promotions on offer, it can bring yet more enjoyment. You can look out for welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, even birthday bonuses in some cases. New video slots also come with a bigger chance of a bonus or two, so look out for cash deals or free chips or spins too.

Mobile slots provide big entertainment on small screens

Has it occurred to you to try these slot games on a tablet or smartphone? If you think the screen size would be an issue, think again. Software developers create these slots to play differently on a mobile device. The controls are different and rarely take up as much of the screen as they would in a standard computer game. Try it and see – and stay tuned for our recommendations of the best mobile video slots around.

Does this mean slots for PC are dying out?

No – lots of people still like to play on PC. You can do so in two ways, too. Some casinos offer instant play and download versions, while others offer just one of those methods. Choose a casino that offers whichever version you would prefer to use.

You won’t always need a slots app to play on your mobile device

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Android or Apple. Either way, you may find the trend with online casinos is to ditch the app and to provide a fully-fledged mobile casino that simply requires a mobile browser. No updates to keep on top of and a great experience all around.

Slots for different mobile devices

It makes no difference whether you have a tablet or smartphone using iOS or an Android device. Whichever mobile device you own, you can look forward to accessing lots of mobile-friendly slot games.

As we mentioned above, you can always appreciate mobile gaming that sets you free from being chained to a PC or Mac the whole time. Take your favorite video slots with you no matter where you go. How cool would that be?

Look out for forthcoming slots tournaments featuring various prizes

Not all online casinos have tournaments on offer as part of their overall strategy for players. However, those that do often choose video slots to enhance their appeal. If you join such a casino, this gives you a chance to play a video slot with additional winning opportunities involved. Our tip – look for freerolls as there is no entry fee!