Increasing Incentives Offered By Online Casinos

When online casinos first arrived on the scene there was limited competition, and typically the perks, bonuses and incentives to play were very limited and certainly much less than available in a brick and mortar type of traditional casino.

Now, with the increasing number of very high quality, well-run and very customer friendly online casinos, this trend has changed. In fact, with more people playing online from a larger number of countries more online casinos have sprung up, some that are taking over the markets of the more established online wagering sites and casinos.

The result is a very positive situation for players. This new competition both for members and players as well as to create top quality sites gives not only a top online wagering experience in a casino setting but also adds to the perks, bonuses and comps different casinos offer. It is essential to keep in mind these incentives are over and above the standard awards players can expect with playing through a loyalty program.

A Great Example

A great example of how casinos are creating user-friendly sites that are awarding significant amounts in bonuses, draws and giveaways to members can be found at Intertops Casino.

Intertops is not a new casino, and it has been offering players top online casino experiences for the last two decades. This casino has earned its favorite status by providing above average customer service and support, highly secure yet user-friendly withdrawals and deposits, and some of the best online slot and casino games from RTG, a leader in casino software.

The Giveaways

While other casinos may be giving away a small bonus, the casinos serious about keeping their players are moving to more innovative types of incentives for players. Intertops Casino is giving away a full $270,000 in their Spring Garden Casino Bonus Giveaway which continues until May 2, 2016.

During this time the casino will give away $30,000 per week with the top 300 players awarded up to $500 in cash. The top twenty players will all have their names entered in a draw to win up to $1000 at the end of the event, which is another great feature for existing members.

This is all in addition to the regular player bonuses and welcome bonuses offered by the casino. With these types of incentives for both existing and new players, it is no wonder that Intertops Casino has been around for so long and continues to be one of the best casinos to play online.