There's no Place Like home For Slots Action

Remember way back in the day when the only you could enjoy any type of video game was to empty your money box and run down to the local arcade and spend a few hours playing games that, looking back, were so basic it was unreal. Then came along the home video games, the Atari made games lovers think they had died and gone to games heaven. Then, through years of steady progress can the home PC and eventually the internet, bringing us more fun than we ever thought possible. The online casino came along and made it possible for us to play great games all from the comfort of our own home, in peace and quiet and without raiding our piggy banks for change! There are now so many video slot games for PC it's difficult to choose the one that's just right for you. We have been spoilt over the years, as advancements in technology have given us some astounding slot machines to play, with mind blowing graphics and sounds along with themes and game play we could only have dreamed of in years gone by. With all the choices out there sometimes a little help doesn't do any harm. So, you are at home, nice and comfortable but what game do you play. Here's a fantastic option for you. Introducing Bulls and Bears.

Play the Game, Play the Markets!

Bulls and Bears is such a fun slot to play, with awesome graphics and sound effects it will keep you busy for hours on end. It is a modern 5 reel video slot with 25 pay lines and a progressive jackpot meaning you have the chance of hitting it big every time you spin those reels. It has absolutely everything you would want from a high quality game including free spins, a wild symbol, a scatter and a multiplier, all of which increase your chances of creating those all important winning combinations. The theme is a stock market theme and all the symbols, as well as looking great, represent this well. You will see the broker, piles of cash, gold bars, expensive sports cars and boats, along with a safe to keep your bond certificates. Bulls and Bears also has 2 separate jackpots, the Major progressive, and the Minor progressive and either can be triggered at random after any spin has finished. This really is a cool and fun slot to spin away on all from the comfort of your own home, as it takes you into the hustle and bustle of the stock market whilst you relax with a drink. Give Bulls and Bears a spin tonight, you never know, those jackpots have to be won by someone!