Lucky Numbers Slots

Lucky Number Slots is a fun video slots game composed with the very premise of winning big. With an onslaught of 'rich' symbols like the globe, the game symbol, a man, a woman, a mansion, a boat, a watch, a diamond ring, and a necklace are just some of the fancy symbols you will see on your way to hitting big. Lucky Numbers is the type of easy-going slot games that boasters a nice assortment of colorful icons like the indulgences you'll spend your winnings on. Will you hide behind a computer screen or hit big and walk away with the jackpot in hand?

Scatters, Wilds, and Prizes oh my!

Within Lucky Numbers, you will discover multiple special icons that will award you with various prizes or special interaction. Like the globe symbols constitutes as a wild card portraying any symbol in the game besides a scatter! You can find this wild globe on the third reel.

  • Scatters are fun in this game and they are portrayed by the game symbol. Once you collect multiple scatters you win 5 free games. Even if you only roll one scatter you will win a bonus prize comparable to your trigger bet.
  • With a maximum special prize of up to 50 free spins, what else is there to say? But wait, there's one more symbol that awards special game features?

The lucky “Numbers” Game

What the title of the game is based upon, the Numbers game of this slot is a special feature only available once you win three Bing Balls Symbols. From this special menu you will be able to pick ten numbers out of thirty, and almost like a perfect BINGO simulation with a little bit of a lottery spin. The player will be allowed to play three rounds of this Numbers Game earning a special number that many increase the special earnings. Pick your numbers wisely!

To Play or not to Play

Lucky Numbers hits the sweet spot with colorful icons, wilds, scatters, and amazing additional feature game “Numbers”. With this combination of features, players will fall in love with the simplicity of this video slot while not sacrificing any big awards. From the initial spin to the last round of the Numbers game, you will become enthralled within each multiplier and free game. Lucky Numbers Video Slot is a powerful, yet sweetly simple game with more wins for less confusion!

What do you have to lose? Is it time for you to win big?