Mad Dash Online Slots

Race around the track on your zippy four wheeler with your favorite cartoon animal on the loose. One of the newer games from Microgaming this fun slot brings out the animal in you as it takes you spinning around the track aiming for the maximum reward. With very cute featured symbols the slot is filled up with the familiar icons from a pack of cards, all very colorful, seeming to spin around their own track. Download and play Mad Dash slots today!

There are only two speeds - fast and faster

As soon as you enter the game all of your credits are converted to coins. The amount of coins you get is based on the value of your coin, the lower the value of the coin, the more coins you have. To activate each of the 20 paylines all you need is to place 1 coin on each line. At a coin size of 1c this is just 20c per spin. You can increase the value up to 25c per coin and keep adding coins to each activated line up to 20 coins per line bringing the total amount of coins to a very nippy 400 coins and $100 per spin.

If you are not out on the chase for the jackpot, but rather for the bonus round and free spins, place a lower bet on more spins. Your takings from the free spins are based on your bet size so for bigger spoils place bigger bets. It makes sense that you work your way up to these bets by reducing the coin size and buying more coins. In that way you can enjoy more spins and increase your chances of hitting the bonus round.

The jackpot at only 2,000 coins is multiplied by the amount of coins per line so a 40,000 coins fixed jackpot can drop a pretty neat $10,000 onto your balance.

Racers at the ready…!

The scatter symbol is your key to the bonus round. This, symbolized by the trophy, pays scattered wins for as few as two on the reels without the need to be on the same payline. If you get three or more scattered symbols you will be sent flying into the bonus round. The scatter also pays scattered wins so even though two scatters won’t trigger off the race, it will still pay out a win of double your bet. So at max bet that is an instant $200. Get five scatters and you can be racing into the sunset with 500 times your bet at $50,000 for a maximum bet of $100, it’s a reel treat.

If you think that is wild try the wild symbol out for size. This is represented by the mad dash multi-colored logo. This acts as a replacement for all the symbols with the exception of the scatter. To hit the jackpot you just need five of these wild symbols on the same pay line and you are ‘a’ for away.

The checkered flag

Saddle up and ride your way to 25 free spins. The bonus round, triggered by three or more trophy symbols scattered on the screens starts where you choose first your rider between the turtle, the fox or the rabbit. Then you select your bike and finally you select the race course. And it’s ready, steady, ride! First place will award you the full 25 spins on the house. Second place will still set you up with 15 free spins and even the consolation prize of 10 free spins as a third place reward seems pretty much worth the effort. The free spins can be re-triggered within free spins mode but without the bonus round. They will be awarded based on the results from the initial race. No matter how many spins you get out in the end the best part of the bonus round is that all wins are quadrupled! Hit the 5 scatters during the free spins and walk off with the top win in this game of $200,000!

A blur of action

Make a mad dash for this quaint slot that has huge rewards and a fun bonus round with free prizes. Download and open an account to get zooming into reel action.