The Curious Machine Slots

There are many of us who have always wanted to travel into the future or back in time. Now casino players can play Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine slots machine and travel into the past and future. This video slots game is quite animated, and the symbols come to life to congratulate you when you win.

Curious Machine Game Facts

“Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine” slots game has 30-paylines and is a 5-reel game. Casino players can bet anything within a range of $0.02 up to $75. The machine accepts 5 coin bets per line and pays a jackpot of 2,500 coins or $1,250.

This video slots machine pays when symbols on the reels match. It has numerous symbols that can form winning combinations. Symbols include Miles Bellhouse, Time Machine, Dinosaur, Vortex, Control Room, Map, Future Travel, General Traytor, Valves, Robot and Hat with Money. Examples of winning symbol combinations include 5 Miles Bellhouse symbols that pays the 2,500 coin jackpot. This is in contrast to 5 Robot symbols that pay 1,500 coins.

The wild symbol is the Vortex. The scatter symbol is the Control Room symbol. The wild symbol will substitute for other symbols, except the scatter symbol. Receiving two or more matched wild or scatter symbols will start the game’s bonus features.

Bonus Game Features and Multipliers

Time travel and bonus features are a great combination. One bonus feature of the Curious Machine slots game is the Vortex symbol. If you receive a wild Vortex feature, you can switch symbols on a line to cause a win. This wild feature will become animated and create a vortex, causing nearby symbols to switch places, and increase the likelihood of a line paying out.

Playing the “Spin Double Up” feature is also great fun. It involves betting a previous win. After winning on a payline, players can push the Spin Double Up button to see if they can double their winnings. Players will be shown two hands and asked to choose one. If the hand contains a coin, the bet win is doubled. If it contains a bolt, winnings are not increased. You can also pay this bonus feature a second time to risk your doubled winnings.

If the wild symbol does not trigger a win, the reel rewind bonus feature called “Second Chance” can help. This causes one reel to be be re-spun, as long as it is not during the free games round. This gives everyone another chance of obtaining winnings on a previous losing spin.

The Time Travel Bonus feature is triggered when three or more Control Room symbols are obtained. This will start the bonus round in which Miles Bellhouse, the robot and you travel back in time. Time travel is done to escape General Traytor. Bonus credits are awarded for each successful trip. Players can receive more credits when they travel further back in time.

Receive three or more Dinosaur symbols in a line and you will receive free games in the “Blast to the Past” free games rounds. These free games are opportunities to increase your winnings dramatically. Any amount won during the free games can be multiplied by up to 5x. The amount of the multiplier added to your winning is awarded randomly.

Invited To Play

What are you waiting for? You are invited to play Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine slots game now. You will be able to view animations from both the past and future, while you use the bonus rounds and free spins to increase your winnings. You are only one step away from time travel-themed fun.