Desert Kingdom Slots

Desert Kingdom Slots is an impressive video slots game with a not so barren desert theme, as you will discover on your perilous journey the deserts are full of features and rewards of bountiful treasure. Designed in the typical 5 reel 25 pay line format, Desert Kingdom promises a familiar, yet interesting ride through each and every spin. Unlike most game that cater to either low-rollers or high-rollers respectively, this game plays on both sides of the tracks with bets ranging from $ .01 to $5.00. With 25 pay lines to play with that makes victory not only easier, but more rewarding. With tight video graphics and some great features, Desert Kingdom Slots is a new breakthrough to an old game. Can you handle the desert?

Wilds, Scatters, and You

Like most virtual slots games, wilds can duplicate any other symbol besides the scatter. However, in Desert Kingdom when one or more wilds is in a winning spin the highest symbol is paid. Possessing a wild in your winning spin will automatically double your prize! Three scatters are available on reels 1, 3, and 5. By rolling all three scatters the player will be launched into a special Desert Kingdom Bonus. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total wager of the spin!

Special Features

Desert Kingdom bonus awards the player a minimum of three free spins and a base multiplier of 2. Something long forgotten in the world of virtual slots is the Auto play Feature. No, this won't completely play the game for you, but with a little bit of automation involved just pick your wager and sit back reaping the rewards. Random Progressive Jackpots can be added randomly to the players winnings per spin. This in itself is a sell point for the game. Who wouldn't want to randomly win money?

USA Friendly

There was a time where finding USA friendly casino sites was almost impossible. With varying state and national legislature interrupting game play, the majority of game sites banned US players. However, this fad is soon ending and more and more games are becoming accessible. Desert Kingdom Slots is one of the finest US friendly virtual slots games.

To Cross the Desert

Sometimes the desert is a scary place, sometimes it is dark and miserable, but sometimes it can be truly rewarding. In Desert Kingdom Slots undertake the journey through the perilous paths and find the kingdom of treasure. With crisp video graphics, a jackpot of features, and an all around great gaming atmosphere; Desert Kingdom is the epitome of virtual success. Don't miss this adventure.