Top 10 Video Slot Games

Online slot machine titles have been around for a while. Over the years, there has been a constant rise in the quality of these games. Software enhancements have had a strong influence on the improved quality of the developed titles.

Over time, especially innovative video slot game titles have become very popular among online casino players. These kind of games offer endless amounts of gambling action together with great payouts, and the large variety in available themes, bonuses and jackpots makes them even more attractive to players. Furthermore, they also offer easy to understand gambling fun to new players as well as to experienced slot game veterans.

If you're having trouble with finding video slot games that suit your needs the most, then it might be a good idea to have a look at some of the most popular and beautifully animated slot titles that offer the highest gaming quality and the highest amount of fun. This top 10 Video Slot Games overview will help you in your endeavor to find only the best of the best on the internet.

10. Rule The Skies to Get the Coins in Flying Colors Slots

Take off into the sky and get ready to fight for the homeland when you play Flying Colors in a Rival Gaming powered casino. This vivid 5 reel and 20 pay line video slot game takes you all the way back to the First World War.

You will join the dangerous fight in the sky, and that means that the reels are crowded with aerial warfare elements like bomb dropping zeppelins and colorful fighter planes. Make sure that you intimidate your enemies with your fighting, maneuvering and flying skills. It is time to hunt them down and shoot them down.

When the smoke clears, you will triumph and come down from the sky like an angel that saved the day. The rewards for your efforts will of course be very fruitful.

9. Doo Wop Daddy-O Slots Shifts You Back into the Swinging 50s

Rival Gaming's Doo Wop Daddy-O Slots is another five reel video slot title that takes you back to a vibrant time in history. This time, it is the 1950s period that sets the decor for some very exciting rounds of gambling. That means you're going to encounter a lot of rock & roll type greasers in leather jackets and adorable cutie pies in elegant dresses.

Back are the days of rag tops, backseat bingo sessions and soda fountains. The reels of this 20 pay line game are sprinkled with iconic elements from the 50s.

Does your heart always beats faster at the thought of roller skates, ice cream, jukeboxes, drag racing cars and music records? Then Doo Wop Daddy-O Slots is definitely the kind of game for you.

Shift into a high gear and race towards winnings and bonus features in this slot machine manifestation of an energetic time period in the previous century.

8. Play Fast Lane Slots If You Want to Speed up the Winning Process

Did the drag car elements from Doo Wop Daddy-O Slots put you into the racing mood and are you hungry for some more high speed action on the road? Then it certainly is a good idea to stay on that road with yet another Rival Gaming video slot creation.

With Fast Lane Slots, you really accelerate towards a luxurious life. The five available reels are the gears that speed up the winning process, and a bunch of typical race car themed icons, like trophies, helmets and tires, trigger golden winning opportunities that fuel your casino bank account. 50 pay lines form the actual fast lanes that lead you to the finish line and the rewards.

Just make sure that you put your foot on the gas and that you will be the first one that finishes the race, because the number one always gets the golden prize.

7. Create Plenty of Do It Yourself Profits with Fixer Upper Slots

In Rival Gaming's Fixer Upper Slots, it is time to do some important home improvement tasks. These tasks are lucrative investments of labor, because when the house is beautifully renovated it will have a much higher value. In animated 20 pay line gambling sessions, you will work on typical DIY tasks like painting, plumbing, drilling, hammering and sawing.

However, it won't cost you a sweat and you will not get your hands dirty. It is after all a slot machine, so you will see the improvements unfold right on your screen when you hit the spin button that puts the five reels and the animations in motion.

Pay attention to all the details and deliver an excellent end product, because the sellers of the house will definitely be happy to share some of the selling profits with you if they manage to flip the house for a profitable price.

6. Become a Successful Gambling Bum While Playing Hobo's Hoard Slots

Hobos and large sums of money are usually not mentioned together in the same sentence. The exception to the rule is provided by Hobo's Hoard Slots from video slot king Rival Gaming.

In Hobo's Hoard Slots, it is time to travel along with your shabby hobo friend while he inspects the streets for potentially profitable objects. After all, you never know what kind of valuable items people leave behind in dumpster bins. Every bin can hold a lucrative surprise so go ahead and sniff around in the trash to find your lucky hobo item.

While you're at it, make sure that you also draw some sad puppy eyes towards the crowds that pass by. There can always be a very generous Samaritan among the people in these crowds.

With 5 slot machine reels and 15 pay lines to your disposal, this is certainly a perfect moment to become a gambling bum so grab the opportunity while you can.

5. Get Rich in the Land of Cheese And Clogs When You Play Win Mill Slots

Rival Gaming just keeps on dominating the top 10 video slots list with yet another excellent slot game title. This time, you travel to a hillside farm in the Netherlands, where you will be introduced to a typical Dutch cultural symbol that has become famous all over the world.

Put those wooden clogs on your feet and say goedendag to the Dutch Carpenter and his charming daughter in Win Mill Video Slots. This carpenter has built a very special Win Mill and it is your task to give it a couple of powerful spins. During your three reel spinning sessions, you will encounter various Dutch themed items like cheeses, tulips and clogs. Put them in the right order via five pay lines, while you are being cheered at by the Dutch father and daughter team. When the money is in your pockets, make sure that you celebrate the received winnings by treating yourself to a nice big chunk of cheese.

4. Tinker Your Way to Profits with Leonardo's Loot Slots

Historic Renaissance figure Leonardo da Vinci was a brilliant man who possessed a great amount of useful talents. This Italian mastermind was an inventor, a sculptor and a painter.

Now you have a unique chance to travel back in time and catch a glimpse of his Renaissance world and his workshop when you play Rival Gaming's beautifully created Leonardo's Loot Slots title.

The da Vinci workshop opens its doors for you, and you are free to tinker your way to exquisite profits. Useful tools and a palette with various colors of paint will show up on the five reels to help you in your endeavors. You will also see an entertaining musical instrument and inspiration enhancing wine.

Will your inventions and art pieces match or even exceed those of the great Leonardo da Vinci himself? You will only find that out if you put your mind and hands to work on this 50 pay line video slot title.

3. Undertake a Creepy Search for Valuable Items in Grandma's Attic Slots

Jeepers creepers, did grandma really just asked you to venture into her eerie attic? There is no way of telling what is lurking in the darkness of the creepy place that is called Grandma's Attic Slots. Sticky cobwebs, creaking floorboards and creeping rats will all make you shiver.

But don't worry, there shines a light in the darkness, because if you are prepared to dig through all the old and dusty pieces of furniture, you have a chance of actually finding something that is worth the effort.

Granny's secret stash could be up there in that forgotten attic. So get yourself together and start your search for her valuable items in Rival Gaming's Grandma's Attic Slots.

Use the 5 available reels and the 15 pay lines to find and collect rewards, but make sure that grandma is not looking when you put some of her most precious items it in your pockets.

2. You Can Be a Child Again in Midway Madness Slots

Wouldn't it be great to be a child again? This is a thought that many adults have from time to time. Being a kid can be really fun, and especially if you are a child who is going to an amusement park. An amusement park where you will scream and wave with your arms while you ride the roller coasters, where you spend many hours playing challenging sideshow games, and where you get to stuff your face with the most sticky and sweet foods.

Wouldn't it be great to experience that all again? If you confidently say yes to that question, then you are about to become very happy, because Rival Gaming's Midway Madness Slots now offers you a chance to relive those precious childhoods days.

This 5 reel, carnival themed game with its 20 pay lines is packed with nostalgic chills and trills. There is just so much to discover, and therefore you will spend many hours on enjoying all the great winnings, enjoyable characters and thrilling rides.

And remember, don't be sad when you need to return to being an adult after the day is over and the winnings and memories are in your pocket. After all, as an independent grown up person, you don't have to go and beg your parents to take you to the carnival again the next day.

1. Five Reel Bingo Slots Combines two Of The Most Popular Gambling Games

Are you an avid slot title enthusiast and do you also love to play a fun game of bingo from time to time? Then you are in for a really great surprise, because casino software producer Rival Gaming transformed North America's beloved bingo game into a reel turning spin machine with 20 lucrative pay lines.

Join all the old folks in the cozy bingo hall and clear your throat so that you are able to shout bingo when the numbers show up in your favor. Five Reel Bingo Slots is all about having a good time. So make sure that you don't wait and longer, because the numbers are ready to be stamped on your bingo card.

Spin those bingo balls and bingo cards on the five reels, and collect those prize triggering numbers. Then you definitely will walk away with a big winning smile when the game is over.

Where to Find the Video Slot Titles That Really Matter

If you are looking for some real gambling action on the reels, then you probable have a good idea where to look after reading this list. When it comes to having high quality video slot game fun, it is clear that a Rival Gaming powered casino is your best bet on finding the titles that really make a difference in the genre.

It is time to take action and try the top 10 video slot games so that you can find out what is your favorite money making and entertainment enhancing title.

Play all these video games and other enjoyable titles on your favorite online gambling sites. Many of these gambling spots give you the choice between real play for fun play. Fun play is a nice way of getting to know the games before you actually start betting for cash in the very thrilling and exciting real play versions.